Covid-19 Test Results Sent To Bosses Before Workers!


Imagine if a doctor’s diagnosis was given to your boss – before YOU  were told. This is what has happened to meat plant and nursing home workers.

In a shocking indictment of the state’s lack of respect for workers, the results of Covid-19 tests were given to their employers before they got the news.

These are the same meat plant bosses who kept their workplaces open even after 600 workers tested positive.

Simon Harris justified this disgraceful treatment with a weak statement ‘it has been necessary in the interests of public health to convey results of cases confirmed Covid-19 to the management of the plant to ensure the workers quickly can be sent home from the factory floor for their own health and that of their fellow employees.’ 

But was it not in the interests of public health to inform workers immediately so that their partners and children could be protected when they went home?

Not in Fine Gael’s world – where the profits of the beef barons come ahead of workers health.

People Before Profit is making an open appeal to meat plant workers  – come forward to us on our Worker Rights Helpline. We will talk to you confidentially and put you in touch with people who can take up your case for this gross breach of your medical privacy.

You can contact the Workers Rights Helpline by phoning  01211 8080 between 12pm and 3pm Monday to Friday or e mailing [email protected]