Change To Dáil Standing Orders Could See Blocked Bills Proceed

Pictured at a media briefing on the Dublin Homeless Crisis yesterday was European Election Candidate Brid Smith. Pic Steve Humphreys 22nd May 2014.

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has said that her grouping will bring forward a proposal (see below) next week to have the Standing Orders of the Dáil changed in order to allow bills which have been blocked by the Government to proceed.

The motion tabled by Solidarity- People Before Profit would remove any bills that have incidental expenses from the requirement for a government money message. This would effectively remove the government veto from the vast number of bills that have majority support in the Dáil including the Climate Emergency Measures Bill which would ban the issuing of any further licences for fossil fuel exploration.

Commenting on the motion to amend Standing Orders Bríd Smith said: “If we can get support for this motion across the house it would liberate the bills that the government have undemocratically opposed.

“While we completely reject the idea that the Climate Emergency Bill would incur the costs that the government claim this motion if passed would remove the requirement for a money message and would allow the bill to pass to select committee stage.”