Boris Johnson Must Go

People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll has reiterated his call for Boris Johnson to step down as more Cabinet resignations land on his desk.

Mr Carroll stated: “Boris Johnson should resign with immediate effect. As a Prime minister he has been politically and morally bankrupt, presiding over a catastrophic handling of our economy and the pandemic; all the while partying while people died.

“His government’s attacks on our NHS, tax breaks for the rich, and dithering in the face of climate catastrophe will all have devastating and lasting impacts. And most recently, his disgraceful approach to a cost-of-living crisis, while propping up wealthy corporations, is nothing short of a public declaration of class warfare.

“The Tories have also played a destructive role locally, through their implementation of austerity, pay cuts, an utterly disgraceful legacy Bill, and the imposition of a Brexit that ignores the wishes of the majority of people on this island.

“Now his own ranks have begun to turn against him because they can see the writing on the wall. Claims from the likes of Javid or Sunak to have resigned in “good conscience” are pathetic, these opportunists have supported Johnson for years and are now jumping from a sinking ship in order to suit their own narrow self-interests.

“It is time for Johnson to go, and the rest of the self-serving elite Tory government to go with him. It is time for people to get organised and fight for an alternative to Tory politics and build a politics that puts the needs of people and planet before profit.”