Bloody Sunday March For Justice Is As Important As Ever

People Before Profit urge people in Derry and from across Ireland to support the 52nd annual Bloody Sunday March. 

Spokesperson, Cllr Shaun Harkin explained why People Before Profit are supporting the event; 

“The world is watching in total horror at the genocide being perpetrated in Gaza. Over 25,000 are dead, more than 10,000 of those are children. 

When we remember the innocent victims of State sanctioned murder in our city, we shall march in solidarity with the people of Gaza and all of Palestine.

The British government that sent the Paras into the Bogside to murder Derry people, today send weapons to apartheid Israel to intentionally slaughter civilians, including children, in Gaza. 

Joe Biden is held up as a friend to Ireland and our peace process.

However, he could stop the genocide in Palestine with one phone call. Instead, he writes blank cheques for the Israeli army to maintain their killing machine.” 

The People Before Profit representative praised the organisers of the march for their devotion to justice and internationalism: 

“It is no surprise that the Bloody Sunday March Committee have placed Palestine at the heart of the March for Justice. 

The Bloody Sunday campaign has always stood against State violence and championed the cause of the oppressed no matter where they are in the world. 

It’s very much One World, One Struggle. ” 

Cllr. Harkin claims that the Bloody Sunday families are an inspiration to all those who fight for justice; 

“People Before Profit salute the courage and resilience of the families of the Bloody Sunday victims, who have been campaigning for truth and justice for over five decades. 

We will continue to stand with them to oppose the British Government’s Legacy Bill. 

There can be no amnesty for State backed killers.

Let’s send a message across the world that after all this time the people of Derry are still railing against injustice. 

We hope people will come in huge numbers to the march from Derry and from across the island to support the ongoing struggle of Bloody Sunday families and to stand with Palestine.”