Ireland needs to send radical socialist voices to the EU Parliament to challenge the hypocrisy and double standards. We have no illusion that a few MEPs can change its undemocratic structures, but we can expose the power of corporate lobbyists and backroom dealings.

We can be a socialist voice that presses for real solidarity with Palestine. We can call out the double standards whereby the EU gives €26 billion in military supplies to Ukraine but, behind its show of ‘concern’, backs Israel to the hilt.

Against the image of the EU as a ‘progressive’ body that promotes diversity, we will be a voice for refugees and asylum seekers. We will ask continually why 20,000 people had to drown in the Mediterranean so that ‘fortress Europe’ could be preserved.

We live in an era where our planet is threatened by escalating climate change. Despite volumes of speeches, in 2023 global temperature reached its highest ever recorded level.

Green parties who were once prominent in highlighting environmental destruction are now part of the political establishment. They have embraced the very neoliberal measures that make it impossible to control runaway temperatures.

People Before Profit will offer an alternative socialist voice that will challenge the logic of capitalism to help save our planet.