100% Redress For Apartment & Duplex Owners

If you are the owner of an apartment or duplex built between 1991 and 2013 you have to raise €25,000 to fix defects that are not your fault.

According to a report commissioned by the government into defects in housing, most apartments and duplexes built in that time are affected, with an average bill of €25,000. The most common defects are fire defects, which may mean your home is not safe to live in. 

Although most residents don’t know that they are affected yet, some have already seen bills of almost €70,000. As well as being unjust, this is simply unaffordable for most. 

 These residents have done nothing wrong. The fault lies with the political parties which enshrined a system of ‘self-certification’ for the builders, opening the door for the builders to deliberately cut corners to maximise profits. 

The government is due to make a decision on what scheme to introduce by the end of the year. Residents across the country have come together to launch a campaign to fight for 100% redress and for the state to pursue the developers responsible. 

A protest is being held at the Dáil at 7pm on Wednesday 14 December to demand a 100% redress scheme.