Record Temperatures Show Why We Must ‘Leave Fossil Fuels In The Ground!’


Anyone who doubts that the current heat wave in Ireland is related to global climate change or who doubts the immediate reality of that climate change and therefore the urgent need for emergency measures such as Brid Smith’s Climate Emergency Bill to end fossil fuel extraction in Ireland, should check out these astonishing figures.

They are taken from an article by James Samenow in The Washington Post (03.07.18) and they terrifying in their implications.

North America

A massive and intense heat dome has consumed the eastern two-thirds of the United States and southeast Canada since late last week. It’s not only been hot but also exceptionally humid. Here are some of the notable all-time records set:

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Excessive heat torched the British Isles late last week. The stifling heat caused roads and roofs to buckle, the Weather Channel reported, and resulted in multiple record highs:

  • Scotlandprovisionally set its hottest temperature on record. The U.K. Met Office reported Motherwell, about 12 miles southeast of Glasgow, hit 91.8 degrees (33.2 Celsius) on June 28, passing the previous record of (32.9 Celsius) set in August 2003 at Greycrook. Additionally, Glasgow had its hottest day on record, hitting 89.4 degrees (31.9 Celsius).
  • In Ireland, on June 28:
    • Belfast hit1 degrees (29.5 Celsius), its record.
    • Shannon hit6 degrees (32 Celsius), its record.
  • In Northern IrelandCastlederg hit 86.2 degrees (30.1 Celsius) on June 29, its record.


 A large dome of high pressure, or heat dome, has persistently sat on top of Eurasia over the past week, resulting in some extraordinarily hot weather:

Middle East

As we reportedQuriyat, Oman, posted the world’s hottest low temperature ever recorded on June 28: 109 degrees (42.6 Celsius).

These various records add to a growing list of heat milestones set over the past 15 months that are part and parcel of a planet that is trending hotter as greenhouse gas concentrations increase because of human activity:

These figures show that businesses with vested interests who oppose and block action to counter climate change as if it were some far off danger that can be left to the future are literally ‘fiddling while the planet burns’.  They are willing to sacrifice the future of humanity and the existence of millions of species for the sake of their short term profits.