Stop the Cuts- No to NAMA


Communities Against Cuts Protest March September 30th

Communities Against Cuts Protest March Wednesday September 30th 2009 Assemble 1pm Parnell Square, Dublin The range of funding cuts imposed by the Government over the past year...

Community Sector Protest over Cuts

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On Tuesday, 8th September over 1200 took part in Siptu's march to protest against cuts in Community Development Projects.

A makeshift coffin marking the proposed death of the community sector if an Bord Snip Nua It's part of an ongoing campaign which will culminate in a larger community sector march on September 30th. Groups came from all over Ireland to defend the jobs and services in the community service.

What are CDPs?

CDPs are involved in a range of programmes including childcare, meals on wheels, after-schools projects, youth groups, literacy and drug rehabilitation to name a few. They support the most vulnerable people in the most vulnerable communities including children, lone parents, the elderly, young people, recovering drug addicts and the disabled.

Low and Middle Earners to be hammered while corporations get off...

People Before Profit Alliance says Low and Middle Earners to be hammered while corporations get off scott free

Report of the Commission on Taxation 

People Before Profit Alliance Launches Campaign for a NO VOTE to...

Europe Has Changed but the Treaty Hasn’t Since the last referendum Europe has experience an unprecedented economic crisis. While worker and the poor are being...

Lisbon Treaty undermines jobs, pay and conditions

Charter will not protect European workers
No reason for SIPTU to support the Treaty

A group of trade unions today called on Irish workers to reject the Lisbon Treaty. They said that despite the negotiations by the Irish Government, nothing has changed in the Treaty since it was rejected in June 2008.
Workers pay and conditions have come under attack from the rulings of the European Court of Justice(ECJ). The Laval, Viking, Ruffert and Luxemburg rulings have restricted the right to take action to prevent transnational contractors using cheap labour; and overruled national laws and agreements on pay and conditions. In all cases, the right to operate a profitable business across borders has been given priority over workers rights. Lisbon, and the Charter of Fundamental Rights, would not change this anti-worker tendency.