People Before Profit Alliance win 5 Seats: Full list of results

In a local election which saw the left perform extremely well, the People Before Profit Alliance won 5 Local Election Seats.

In Dun Laoghaire, Richard Boyd Barrett topped the poll on the first count and took 22.8% of the vote.

The following candidates were elected.

Richard Boyd Barrett (Dun Laoghaire)

Hugh Lewis (Ballybrack)

Joan Collins (Crumlin)

Brid Smith (Ballyfermot)

Gino Kenny (Clondalkin)

Full results as follows:

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown :Dún Laoghaire :
BOYD BARRETT, Richard 4091 22.8% (Elected)

SMITH, Bríd 2269 18.8% (Elected)

COLLINS, Joan 2512 17.4% (Elected)

O'SULLIVAN, Martin 391 2.4%

North Inner City :
STEPHENS, Colm 210 1.8%

Pembroke-Rathmines :
EVANS, Bryce 639 3.6%

South-West Inner City :
MacVEIGH, Tina 682 8.2%

Waterford City South :
FELL, Donie 308 5.2%

Tallaght Central :
DUNNE, Pat 1346 5.7%

Roscommon :
STEVENS, Tim 119 1.9%

KENNY, Gino 1137 7.3% (Elected)

Tralee :
Sean Moraghan (Tralee Town Council) 127 1st Pref 1.3% (beat 2 FF and tied with Green)

Syd Smith
51 1.0%

Vote for real change on Friday

Elections 2009
People Before Profit Alliance says Vote for Real Change and Give the Government a Bloody Nose

Alliance Predicts Gains For Left Independents

Attacks On Joe Higgins Show The Establishment Is Running Scared

The People Before Profit Alliance today called on the public to vote for real change on Friday

Spokesperson Richard Boyd Barrett said “The response at the doorstep and recent poll results show there is a real desire fro change. People are angry with a government that has pumped billions into failed banks while services and wages are cut and dole queues get longer. On Friday the public should vote for candidates who offer a genuine alternative to the failed policies of the establishment parties. We are confident that the People Before Profit Alliance and other left independents will make gains. We are aiming to have more seats than the Greens who are now a spent force in Irish politics.

Tenants First launch an alternative housing programme

Tenants First has outlined proposals for a public housing strategy to meet the housing crisis.

The report describes current government spend and policy in housing as ‘social welfare for the rich’, including €391m on rent supplement, €169m on tax incentives, €450m on stamp duty loopholes, and €400m unspent in local authority accommodation.

Young People Must Vote For Real Change

Unprecedented attacks on young people must be reversed
The People Before profit Alliance today called on young people to vote for real change next Friday.Recent months have seen unprecedneted attacks on our youth. These include savage cuts to our education system and hikes in student registration fees and the slashing of social welfare payments by 50% to for those our under 20. There have also been cuts in community facilities and drug treatment services. On top of all this escalating unemployment will mean many of our young people are being deprived of any hope of a better future. The bail out of the banks and creation of NAMA will leave them saddled with debt for decades.
People Before Profit in candidate in Ballybrack, Hugh Lewis, who is 25, said “My generation grew up believing that a better future lay ahead for us, and it can be."

Tina Mac Veigh speaking at Crumlin Hosptial Protest

The government is trying to save €9.6 million in Crumlins Children's hospital resulting in ward closures, cleaning staff being sacked and two theaters being...

People Before Profit candidate Seán Moraghan on Newstalk this Sunday

Listen out for a Radio Interview with People Before Profit candidate Seán Moraghan on Newstalk 106FM's "The Wide Angle with Karen Coleman",12-12.30, Sunday morning...