Chance For New Minister To Take Real Action On Climate


Chance for new Minister to take real action on climate

Brid Smith TD says Minister should support  Climate Emergency Measures bill

Support for Bill would be sign of real commitment to tackle Climate Change


Bríd Smith has said that the new Minister for climate action Richard Bruton needs to change current policy and show a real commitment to tackle climate change and not just issue more platitudes. The TD was responding to the new minister’s first key address on climate change.

“The current government policy ignores the science, ignores the IPCC report and ignores our Paris treaty commitments. We are among the worst performers on reducing our Co2 emission and nothing in current Government policy suggest that this Government has the slightest understanding of how catastrophic climate change is and how limited the timeframe for action is.

“The key issue is will this minister support the Climate Emergency Measures bill, or will he support Minister Canney’s continued support for an industry that is destroying the planet and its life? We need  to stop searching for more fossil fuels given that we cant burn 80% of what has already been found globally.”