Apartheid Israel Massacres The Palestinians


People Before Profit utterly condemns the horrendous massacre of Palestinian protestors in Gaza. This dreadful outrage which has claimed at least 58 lives and injured thousands is Bloody Sunday many times over.

Apartheid Israel is a rogue state which should have no place in the so-called ‘international community’

We should demand the immediate expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Ireland and the recall of Ireland’s ambassador to Israel.

Ireland should announce now its withdrawal from the Eurovision Song contest and under no circumstances participate in a contest obscenely planned for Jerusalem.

This massacre is tragically only the latest of many and marks only a new stage in seven decades of relentless repression that began with the Nakba (the catastrophe) of exactly 70 years ago.

We also reject the disgraceful coverage of these events in the mainstream media whereby utter massacres are always described as ‘clashes’ as if this was a conflict of equals and note with disgust that Donald Trump, while deliberately insulting all Palestinians by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem , described this as ‘a great day for Israel’. While Palestinians were dying Trump’s daughter was posing for pictures and cutting ribbons at the Embassy.

We affirm unequivocally the basic human right to return of all Palestinian refugees and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance. We reiterate our support for the international BDS movement.

In our thousands and our millions

We are all Palestinians!

From the River to the Sea

Palestine will be free!