People Before Profit Manifesto for Radical Change

People Before Profit’s manifesto is predicated on a radical redistribution of wealth to invest in public services and uplift working people. 

Our manifesto for radical change is a call to upend the Tory political agenda which has devastated working class communities for 14 years.

People Before Profit is campaigning for a radical redistribution of wealth, for investment in public services, and to support all people who have been failed by Tory and Stormont misrule. 

This election is an opportunity to elect fighting MPs who will use their platform to put working class people at the centre of politics. We will demand taxes on the rich, an end to the healthcare crisis, and investment in our schools and in social homes. We will fight to uplift workers wages, to improve their terms, and to defend their living standards.

A vote for People Before Profit is a vote to reject a political and economic system that prioritises the wealth of the few over the interests of the vast majority. We will stand up to those whose selfish interests bring us closer to climate catastrophe and fuels war and militarism across the globe. 

Working class people need representatives who will stand up to the establishment at Westminster. Stormont’s leaders have implemented Tory cuts for 14 years and they cannot be trusted with this task.

Our representatives will be a powerful voice for Palestine solidarity and will stand against Israel’s genocide in Gaza. We will bring the demands of the BDS movement to the heart of the political conversation, calling for an end to the apartheid regime. 

People Before Profit representatives will stand up for those facing injustice and hardship, using our platform to build grassroots movements for social and economic transformation.

Amongst the measures in People Before Profit’s manifesto are:

·  Raise corporation tax to 45% on profits over £125K, in line with income tax. 

·  Implement a wealth tax on millionaires and billionaires.

·  Ban zero-hour contracts.

·  Cut and cap rents at 20% of tenants’ incomes

·  End NHS spending on private agencies and healthcare providers. 

·  Ban fossil fuel extraction.

·  Expulsion of the Israeli ambassador.

·  End Hostile Environment. 

·  End partition and upend the two failed states, North and South.


You can download the full manifesto here.