Upcoming Anti-Racist Events

People are appalled by the attack on Cllr. Hugh Lewis’s father’s house, ugly scenes of violence in Ballybrack and anti-immigrant protests in Dún Laoghaire.

Some want to spread lies and racism to create fear and divide us. As we have seen in Ballybrack, this quickly leads to threats and violence. Everybody should be treated with respect. Everybody should have a roof over their head.

Rather than scapegoating people seeking refuge, let’s stand together to fight for the housing and services our communities need and not allow fear and hate divide us.

Join the Rally to say No to Hate and Fear and Yes to Humanity and Respect at People’s Park Dún Laoghaire on Sat 29th July at 1pm.

STOP THE FASCISTS – Saturday July 29th at 1pm, Grand Parade, Cork

A major fascist rally is planned for Cork on Saturday July 29th.

A counter demo has been organised by Cork Says No to Racism.

The counter demo will assemble at 1pm on the Grand Parade, next to the National Monument. The fascists are trying to rebuild in Cork after being defeated twice so far this year, on March 4th and again on July 7th, the day of the Forsa rally.
Let’s get out in big numbers to ensure we humiliate them for a third time.