Tusla Makes Profits Of Private Companies Soar

In the past the Catholic Church ran care institutions for vulnerable children. Now it is private capitalists. They are making big profits because the Irish state will not take responsibility for care.
Last year, TUSLA, the child protection agency, gave €58 million to private companies to run emergency accommodation for children.
More than 180 vulnerable children are living in emergency arrangements, which are often bed and breakfasts or rental properties run by care staff from private companies.
The companies are making nearly €1 million per child.
One company, Ideal Care Services, even fabricated pre-employment checks of staff. They made over €4 million from TUSLA.
Children who are taken into care should have high-quality, professional help in a not-for-profit setting.
The Irish state refuses to provide such care because it denies people basic social rights. It is a neoliberal regime that regards every service as an opportunity for profit.