Tullow People Before Profit Calls On Government To Stop Banks Withdrawing Services

Following the recent announcements that a number of AIB banks across Ireland, including one in Tullow, will turn into a cashless outlet from September 30th People Before Profit Rep for Tullow, John Cahill, says rural Ireland is being abandoned. Customers who want to avail of this service will now have to travel to Carlow town, this news also comes after the recent closure of Bank Of Ireland in Tullow.

Mr. Cahill said “This is shocking but not surprising, many people are going to be put out now and have no access to their own money after 5.30pm when the Post Office closes. This move will disproportionately affect the elderly and those who are not I.T. literate. These banks only care about big profit and have clearly moved away from a model of decent customer service. AIB reported profits of €645m in 2021, before their shareholders get huge pay-outs AIB should instead invest more, not less, in their rural premises.”

Mr. Cahill also called on the government to do more to stop the move. He said “The Irish state still has a majority shareholder position in AIB and should use its position to resist the move towards cashless outlets that will negatively affect areas like Tullow. Alternatively, the government needs to seriously consider investing in a public banking model so that people in Tullow are not left behind, and to ensure businesses don’t suffer locally.”