“Time For Boris To Go” – Carroll

As Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak resign from the Tory Party, PBP MLA Gerry Carroll says it’s time for Boris’ to go, too, but plaudits for fleeing Tories aren’t warranted:

“Sajid Javid claims his resignation is ‘in good conscience’, but his real motive is to flee Boris’ sinking ship. Despite publicly backing and defending Boris in the recent vote of no-confidence, Javid and Sunak know time is up for their Prime Minister and they are acting to save their political careers.

“Javid and Sunak are responsible for some of the most deplorable aspects of the pandemic so any claim to be guided by conscience is difficult to believe. Of course, it is welcome that Boris’ cabinet are turning their backs on him and hopefully more will follow. But no plaudits are due for those who protected him as his government punished working class people and minorities every day of his tenure.

“It’s time for Boris, and the whole Tory government, to go. Moreover, it’s time for people to get organised for an alternative to the rottenness of the Conservative Party, which puts the needs of people and the planet first.”