Time For A Democratic Vote On Stormont Dysfunction

As the DUP tears itself apart trying to prove which side of the party is more loathing of language rights than the other, it is time they were stopped from tearing our communities apart. We need to recognise this crisis for what it is – chickens coming home to roost for a party whose politics are built on hatred and division.

While the DUP has been in crisis for some time, it is clearer than ever that they are imbued with the most unmovable sectarianism and are hell bent on attacking minorities and working-class people more generally. The party’s unwillingness to pass the most basic language legislation is just the latest attempt to block rights and it should not be tolerated any longer.

Stormont has long lost control and the dysfunctionality at the heart of the DUP─ who will soon have adopted a third-party leader to try and stave off another crisis─ demands a democratic election. It’s time to bring forward the 2022 election and remove authority from a dysfunctional, divisive, dinosaur party. It’s time to let the people have their say on the disgrace that is the DUP and the wider shambles at Stormont, where the five party Executive has presided over one disaster after another since the onset of this pandemic.

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