Thurs 8th Nov: Save The Markievicz Pool And Gym


There are plans to demolish the Markievicz pool in Dublin’s Townsend street to make way for the Metrolink station.

Thousands use this public pool and gym. Local children learn to swim there. But so far, no announcements have been made for an alternative facility.

Here is why we need to save the pool:

  • The pool has just been renovated at the cost of more than €1 million of taxpayers’ money.
  • Dublin City Council stated in the past that there must be ‘a modern leisure facility which must include a 25 metre long by 6 lane wide swimming pool’ in the area.
  • There is no other public leisure centres with a 25 metre swimming pool in the Dublin city centre. The pool and gym in Trinity is private.
  • A recent Healthy Ireland reports stated that ‘A large number of Irish people are not meeting the levels of physical activity recommended in the National Guidelines’.
  • Access to gyms and swimming pools should not depend on the size of your wallet– it should be public and open to all.  
  • Up to 150 people could lose their homes because the apartments above the pool will also be demolished. There is already a housing crisis in the city.
  • There are alternative locations for a Metrolink station which does not require the demolition of the swimming pool– such as the derelict Apollo house site which is nearby.