They Used To Rule The World –Now They Look Like Fools


The latest twist in the Brexit endgame has seen Tory Eurosceptics warn Theresa May that a long delay in leaving the EU would see the end of the Conservative Party and could lead to a  Jeremy Corbyn government that would turn Britain into a “barren land” with “gulags”.

Theresa May obediently heeded their warnings and is seeking a short delay.

The British ruling class built up a huge resource of skills on how to manipulate and dominate their own population over centuries. They ran the world’s largest empire and used this to inculcate a sense of deference to upper class culture among large sections of the population.

But the Brexit crisis is tearing away the mask. The ‘natural ruling class’ of Britain look like drunken fools who are terrified of even the modest reforms that Jeremy Corbyn promises. The sooner they disintegrate the better.

The crisis that is eating at the heart of the British ruling class provides an opportunity to undo the legacy of empire.

Socialists, unashamedly, proclaim that we would like to see the break-up of the United Kingdom.

The people of England and Wales have every right to leave the EU and no amount of sneering about their ‘ignorance’ or ‘foolishness in falling for lies’ should stop them.

But equally the people of Scotland have every right to a new referendum on independence. And the people of Ireland have every right to vote on whether or not to end partition.

This the only positive conclusion one can draw from the bizarre spectacle that the Westminister circus.