Td Urges Ministers To Act On Birth Registrations And Passport Delays

Birth cert delays causing huge distress to parents trying to travel for essential reasons

Need for departments to prioritise emergency documentation needed for travel

Bríd Smith TD has asked several Ministers to make some emergency provisions for people affected by ongoing delays in passport applications processing, and now with the cyber-attack, with the registration of births.

The combined crisis means some people who are due to travel out of the country are facing severe curtailments and delays.

Deputy Smith highlighted the issue of parents of newly born children who for various reason must travel out of the country soon but who have been unable to register the birth of their child and thus unable to apply for the necessary passport documentation.

She said: “The cyber-attack and now the curtailment in registering births is posing a massive crisis to many parents of new-borns who must travel out of the country soon. While I understand the problems, the state must be able to facilitate these cases and issue some form of documentation as a priority to these parents.”

She has contacted the Heath, Children and Foreign Affairs Ministers to jointly arrange some form of temporary documentation that can overcome the problem facing parents.

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