Taxi Representative Groups To Give Evidence At Covid Committee Tomorrow

Media Conference at gates of Dáil at 11.40am before start of committee

Tomorrow (24/07/2020) the Dáil Covid Committee will hear testimony from taxi groups about the major issues facing the industry in light of the Covid crisis.

The group’s reps, who proposed to give testimony at the committee by Richard Boyd Barrett TD, will be available for media comment before they address the committee tomorrow at 11.40am at the gates of Leinster House on Kildare Street along with Deputy Boyd Barrett.

The taxi reps are speaking on behalf of four major taxi groups: The National Private Taxi Association (NPHTA); The Irish Taxi Drivers Federation; Taxi Tomanai na hÉireann (TTMH); and the Taxi Alliance of Ireland.

The witnesses representing these groups at the committee are: Jim Waldron (NPHTA) and Gerry Macken (Taxi Alliance of Ireland).

The witnesses at the committee will raise issues that have arisen due to the Covid crisis which have had a serious impact on the taxi industry which has meant a dramatic reduction in income for the industry and has made taxi driving not viable.

They will raise issues including:

  • Specifically designed supports for taxi drivers
  • That there is no foreseeable roadmap for reviving the sector
  • The fact that the sector is dependent on other industries that have been severely impacted by Covid-19: Tourism, live music, pubs, events and hospitality.

The submission made by the taxi groups outlines the need for, amongst other measures:

  1. Income supports for taxi drivers should continue until there is a full recovery
  2. Moratorium of the issuing of new licences and incentives for those who wish to leave the industry including a buy back clause on PSV licences and transferability of those licences.
  3. Pandemic related grant support should be available for taxi drivers who haven’t been able to work to date to help with the significant fixed costs for taxis which remain even with the industry at a standstill
  4. Extension to 12 years (currently 10) for the replacement of taxi vehicles for all those currently holding a PSV licence.

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