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Consecutive governments pushed the mistaken destructive privatisation plans on public services. Privatising doesn’t improve these services. 

The Local Employment Services are vital links between the long-term unemployed who want to find work and the real communities around them. And people don’t want the poorer quality jobs and race to the bottom that privatisation brings. 

People Before Profit work to organise communities and unite with workers and their trade unions to win against privatisation. People Before Profit want you to unite and fight.

Workers brought their unions into the fight. Fórsa and SIPTU are right to follow their members’ lead. Workers and unions clearly see that privatisation will lead to a deterioration of services, more people being left behind as well as a drop in pay and more precarious contracts. Unions help keep us organised but this fight comes from the bottom and it is the workers who will pay the price if we fail. 

Government needs to prioritise the workers themselves – especially in this sector. These destructive plans have to be stopped now. Listen to this worker talking about why she was demonstrating:

Workers who are fighting need to come together: SIPTU’s Dublin Bus workers and workers in South Dublin County Council, School Secretaries, School Caretakers and Special Needs Assistants in Fórsa. Workers need a seat at the table and be ready to get on the street. Let’s unite, fight and win for workers.

Get in contact with the Trade Union Department in People Before Profit to unite and fight. Send a message to [email protected] now.

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