Support ‘Girls Night In’ Call To Root Out Toxic Behaviour

People Before Profit Cllr Maeve O’Neill said, 
“The ‘Girls Night In’ call next Wednesday is a powerful response to reports of an epidemic in drink-spiking.  
We fully support this student initiated action that’s urging people to ‘stay in’ to send the message that many no longer feel comfortable in premises that aren’t doing enough to keep women safe.
The campaign makes it clear drink-spiking and unconsented needle injections can harm anyone but disproportionately impact women. Everyone is encouraged to support the effort aimed at rooting out this kind of toxic behaviour.
We have shared in the alarm and outrage at reports of young women’s drinks being spiked in Derry. 
It’s absolutely disgusting that anyone should have to worry about being endangered. 
This sort of behaviour isn’t a new phenomenon. It needs to be fully eradicated. Everyone has a responsibility to create an environment where such behaviour is unacceptable. 

Sexual assault is far too common across our society. We need a systematic approach to challenging it. 
Victim-blaming is still far too often the response from authorities. The commodification of women’s bodies and the view they are inferior is at the root of much of the violence women face everyday. 
These notions normalising inferiority, sexual objectification and violence towards women need to be systematically challenged along with robust sex education for everyone in our society from a very early age. 
We send our concern and solidarity to everyone impacted by this and will work towards rooting this kind of despicable behaviour out of society. I will be joining the ‘Girls Night In’ next week and encourage others to join me.”