Monday, June 29, 2020

Support For Debenhams Workers

People Before Profit branches across the country stood out in solidarity with Debenhams workers at branches of Band Of Ireland on Tuesday 26th May.

Debenhams are using the Covid-19 crisis as a cover for a smash and grab on workers’ rights. Many of their workers have given years and years of service and made profits for the company. The company can’t be allowed to walk away from their responsibility.

People Before Profit Blanchardstown

Bank of Ireland is part of the consortium that has pushed through the close of Debenhams. Yet this bank was bailed out by Irish taxpayers when WE put €5 billion of OUR money.

Now it is time that Bank of Ireland paid back.

The government can’t wash their hands of this, they are shareholders in Debenhams through their shareholding in Bank of Ireland. The government must intervene to ensure just treatment for these loyal workers. The case of the Debenhams workers is also a test case for how many hundreds of thousands of workers currently affected by job and income losses as a result of Covid-19 may be treated. Its in the interest of all workers to support the Debenhams workers in the fight for justice.

People Before Profit Galway

People Before Profit Dublin Bay North

People Before Profit fully support the Debenhams workers and we are calling on the government, who have a stake in this with their Bank of Ireland shares, to intervene and not allow these workers to just be discarded.

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People Before Profit Drimnagh