Stormont Health Committee Rejects Fair Pay Proposal For Health Workers

Gerry Carroll MLA has said that the Stormont Health Committee’s decision to reject fair pay for health workers, after it voted down his proposal calling for ‘a more substantial pay offer’ than the ‘measly’ 3% offer from Robin Swann as shameful.

Speaking after the committee, Gerry said:

“I am stunned that all parties on the Health Committee, including DUP, UUP, Sinn Féin and the SDLP, have voted down my proposal calling for a better pay offer for health workers. Trade unions have been crystal clear about what their members deserve, and it is far more than the measly 3% offer from Robin Swann. This is a shameful decision.

“Health workers continue to work on the front line of this pandemic, placing themselves and family members at risk, because the Executive’s strategy has been so disastrous. Many are about to be hit with a cut to universal credit, a hike in national insurance, and rocketing fuel prices; a decent pay award could stave off the impact of these attacks, and parties who refused to back that today have failed these workers.

“Moreover, I think the parties here are massively out of step with the communities they are supposed to represent. I have engaged with hundreds of health workers and knocked on hundreds of doors about this pay offer and the anger is palpable. People support a decent pay rise for the health workers who have sacrificed so much to protect us.

“People Before Profit will continue to back trade unions and health workers on this issue. Massive wealth has been generated at the top of society during this pandemic. If the Executive gave a damn at all about health workers, they would be urgently pushing for a wealth tax in order to fund a substantial pay offer.”


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