Stormont Executive Must Act To Protect People Hit With Universal Credit Cut

Speaking in the Assembly today, People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll said,
“The cruel decision by the Tories to slash Universal Credit by more than £1,000 will have a devastating impact on communities right across the North.”

“We know 105,000 households will lose £20-a-week with the uplift being abolished. We will be harder hit by this cut than anywhere in the UK.”
“Therefore, why is there such a meek response by the Executive? Why isn’t the Executive screaming about this and mounting a wall of resistance against criminal Tories plans to implement this drastic cut?”
“The UK has a record number  of billionaires and corporate profits have continued to surge during Covid. Yet, it’s working class people who are feeling the brunt of economic hardship.” 
“The Tories are protecting the wealthy, whilst the Executive dutifully follows suit.”
“We will continue to support efforts pressing the Tories to retreat and backtrack from imposing this huge cut and people’s ability to live. However, if the Tories don’t budge the Executive needs to step up to the plate and ensure that people aren’t thrown under the bus.”
“The Executive threw people to the wolves by implementing vicious Welfare Reforms – it cannot do so again.”
“Talk about an anti-poverty strategy is pointless if the Executive cannot intervene to stop people descending into deeper poverty.”
“If the Tories cut £20-a-week from Universal Credit,  People Before Profit is demanding the Executive step in with funding to ensure no one is forced into further poverty. We are putting this demand to all five of the government parties. It’s time for action.”

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