Stop The Cover Up Of Beacon Vaccine – Send In The Gardai

The CEO of the Beacon gave vaccines to staff in an elite private school, attended by his children.

They also offered vaccines to senor figures in the health insurance industry that they had a commercial relationship with. Already the CEO of the VHI, John O Dwyer, has announced he will ‘step aside’.

Yet the Gardai have not been called in to investigate this possible theft.

Instead an establishment figure, Eugene McCague, a former partner of Arthur Cox, has been called into to a ‘review’.

McCague is a former chair of the bosses’ organisation IBEC and was on the board of the Health Service Executive, when it was opening up to private hospitals like the Beacon. His former company, Arthur Cox, promotes tax dodging by wealthy corporation.

The Gardai turn up to people’s homes when they are meeting friends. But they have they not called into the Beacon.

Why has its CEO not been brought to a police station for questioning? Why is their not a full police investigation?

Is it because there is one law for the rich – and another for the rest?

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