Shame On Fianna Fáil, Shame On Fine Gael And Shame On The Green Party

People Before Profit say: “Shame on Fianna Fáil, Shame on Fine Gael and Shame on the Green party” for voting against motion to pay student nurses and midwives

People Before Profit have condemned the government parties for voting against a motion that the parties grouping put forward to pay student nurses and midwives. The vote was taken last night in the Dáil which saw the government parties vote down the motion by 77 votes to 72- the closest margin of any vote in the 33rd Dáil so far.

Speaking on the government parties voting against paying student nurses and midwives, Richard Boyd Barrett TD said: “This shocking and flagrant betrayal of the student nurses and midwives, who during this pandemic have stood up and put this country and communities ahead of their own wellbeing, is an utter slap in the face to the nurses from a government that previously offered them applause.  

“Shame on Fine Gael, shame on Fianna Fáil and shame on the Green Party. Any words from this government of solidarity to our nurses now ring utterly hollow. This morning, the student nurses and midwives are appealing to us to not give up this fight, they can rest completely assured we will pursue this until the government gives in and shows them the respect they deserve.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett will raise this issue again today at Promised Legislation in the Dáil.

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