Security Workers Promised Pay Increase Today Blocked By Industry

  • New Security Industry ERO was meant to come into effect today, raising wages 40c to €12.05, but has now been held up due to an industry legal case
  • PBP criticise ‘scrooge’ bosses for dragging feet on a long-overdue pay increase, call for an increase in the minimum wage for all workers
  • Government urged to lodge an appeal to get the stay on ERO lifted

From today security workers were due to receive a pay increase and other improvements in terms and conditions under a new Employment Rights Order. This new ERO had been proposed by the Labour Court to start on June 1st, but was delayed by the government Minister until September 1st and is now indefinitely delayed following a legal challenge by three security companies. A stay on the ERO has been granted meaning the new pay and conditions rules have effectively been frozen until the full legal case can be heard, most likely next year.

People Before Profit Employment Rights spokesperson Paul Murphy TD criticised the security companies for dragging their heels in relation to increasing workers wages, calling them ‘scrooge bosses’ and saying they should “hang their heads in shame”

“The Employment Rights Order provides very basic protections for these essential workers in terms of wages, unsocial hours, sick pay entitlements and more. The new ERO has been in the works for well over a year and is a result of long negotiation and compromise. Yet it seems that some penny-pinching companies are not happy, and want to drag it out even more.

“These are essential workers who in many cases have been crucial in keeping stores open and ensuring compliance with Covid guidelines over the last 18 months. This ERO would only amount to a 40c increase in wages for security workers, bringing wages to €12.05. This is still well below the living wage. Top Security, Morbury and Las Security should hang their heads in shame for trying to delay this.

“It seems unlikely the full case will be heard until next year, further and further delaying workers getting the raise they deserve. The government can and should appeal this decision by lodging a request to remove this stay pending the resolution of the legal challenge from these companies.

“No worker should be paid less than a living wage. No worker should be working just to live in poverty. Security, retail, hospitality and other low paid essential workers have helped us keep society running over the last year, they deserve a break. We need to increase the minimum wage to a living wage of €15 an hour.”

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