Schools- Would You Let This Fool Look After Your Health


Covid-19 was decreasing rapidly but it is rising  again. The situation could get even worse – if we follow the instructions of Health Minister, Stephen Donnelly.

In what must rank as the most idiotic interview ever, he was asked to justify why it is wrong to have more than six people in a house but have thirty people in a classroom.

He replied that a school was a ‘controlled environment’ but a home was not. ‘We are all risk takers’ he said. ‘’Jumping on a trampoline is a risk’. ‘Getting into your care is a risk’ So what is the difference with risking school opening – this was his supposed point.

He is off his head. International research shows that schools  can easily become the main carriers of Covid-19 if proper measure are not put in place.

Here is what a decent government would do

  • It would cut class sizes so that there is a 2 metre gap between students
  • It would commandeer spaces in halls surrounding schools
  • It would recruit hundreds of teachers on proper contracts
  • It would insist that all students wear face masks and provide teachers with visors
  • It would set up random weekly testing to catch asymptomatic cases.

Instead of sending in the police to our homes, the government should set up proper test and trace centres. It should take control of the private hospitals to make sure we can deal with the virus.

An idiot like Donnelly will never do this. We need to get rid of this government to really tackle Covid-19.

Inherent dangers involved in a trampoline.