Save The Cobblestone Protest: Saturday 9 October, 1pm Smithfield Square

A protest will take place at 1pm tomorrow against the proposal to build a 9-storey hotel around the Cobblestone pub tomorrow. The proposal would mean the demolition of parts of the pub, including the backroom venue which has held concerts, singing sessions and music lessons for decades.

The proposal comes in the same week as another proposal to build a hotel around Merchant’s Arch was given planning permission. Both proposals have been met with huge public anger.

At the heart of the problem is a developer-driven model that prioritises profit over the needs of the people who live in the city. We are seeing hotels springing up around Dublin left, right and centre, with no democracy involved in the planning process.

We need a people power movement that joins the dots between the housing crisis and the destruction of important cultural sites around the city.

We need homes, not hotels, and we need culture, not vultures!