Repeal For The North

People Before Profit Pro-Choice spokesperson Goretti Horgan said:
“The overwhelming Yes vote to repeal the 8th Amendment in the South is a victory for women’s rights and equality. Women will now gain the right to choose. 
The key to victory was the inspiring people power movement led by women and their allies armed with facts and the stories of real women in real situations. Relentless campaigning against vicious lies and intimidation from Catholic Bishop’s and the Orange Order along with mass protests, rallies and demonstrations for repeal decided the outcome. The overwhelming support for a women’s right to choose forced establishment anti-choice parties and politicians to support repeal. From LGBTQ marriage equality to a woman’s right to decide, Ireland is a changed country and there’s no going back to the dark ages.  
People Before Profit is a pro-choice 32 county socialist party. We campaigned in every county for repeal and now we want to see choice extended to the North. PBP has launched a public petition calling on the Derry & Strabane Council to support the right to choose by passing a motion calling for the decriminalisation of abortion. Belfast City Council overwhelmingly passed a similar motion in April. 
A majority here support changing abortion laws to match the reality of women’s lives. A majority of people oppose criminalisation of women who access abortion services in the North. Women who use abortion pills here can face life imprisonment but can access abortion services in Britain through the NHS. This hypocrisy must end. It’s time for every Councillor in the Derry and Strabane Council to take a stand for women’s equality.”