Rent Hell – It Must Stop

Rents are soaring in regional towns and now average just under €2,000 a month. They have increased by €500 compared to pre-covid times.

Government policy is the cause.  They refuse to impose a rent freeze. They create deliberate loopholes that allow landlords to increase rent in rent pressure zones. They give landlords extra tax breaks.

Rents are just part of a wider housing crisis caused by a failure to use public land for public housing.

If we had a decent left-wing government, it would ensure that rents never take up more than 25% of a person’s income.

People Before Profit advocates radical policy to end this rent hell. We want:

·         A ban on no-fault evictions and security of tenure.

·         An immediate rent freeze.

·         Provision to allow tenants to apply for rent reductions if rents exceed 25% of income.

·         Public housing and affordable homes to let tenants escape the clutches of landlords.