Remember The Dublin-Monaghan Bombings

On 17th May 1974, more than 30 people were murdered by no-warning bombs planted in Dublin and Monaghan. Nobody has ever been charged for this atrocity.

The Ulster Volunteer Force carried out the bombings. But a former British Army Officer, Fred Holyrod, pointed out that the bombs were too sophisticated to be made by the UVF alone – they were helped by British intelligence.

The Barron Report, which was published in 2003, also stated that British Intelligence was involved.

Despite repeated requests, the British government has refused to release documents about the event.

Even though their own citizens were murdered, the Irish state did not mount a proper investigation.

The RUC told the Gardaí that they had arrested suspects, but the Gardaí did not ask for their names or what intelligence led to their arrests. A special team to investigate the bombings was disbanded after just two months. Department of Justice files on the case have gone missing.

In an era where we hear a lot about terrorism, let’s remember this horrific crime caused by state terrorists – and the collusion that covers up the crime to this day.