Recruiting Contact Tracers On Zero Hour Contracts

This week Richard Boyd Barrett TD revealed that a private company, CPL, was recruiting contacts tracers on zero hour contracts.

These workers play a vital role in chasing down Covid-19 but there was little value being put on their work. They were also to be employed without a proper sick pay scheme.

Nothing better reveals how the Irish state is dealing with this pandemic. It is failing to invest properly in a Test and Trace capacity to crush this virus.

After  Richard Boyd Barrett revealed what CPL was doing, there was an immediate statement claiming there was ‘ an unintentional error’ in the contract.

It is more credible to think they tried to cover their tracks after being exposed.

Other News

Debenhams Workers Launch Book

In Dublin yesterday Debenhams workers launched ‘Tales from the Debenhams Picket Line’ Our members attended and elected representatives were presented with copies of the book. The fight against the bosses and the state goes on whenever we tell the story of this massive 406-day fight.

Strike Beats Billionaire In Portadown

But this week in Portadown, the workers in Naughton’s Glen Dimplex factory put their tools down together to say enough.
Unite members in the factory voted 96% to strike in favour of a 13% pay increase: giving them for the first time a new pay rate of just over £10.00/hour. The strikers won on Thursday just two days into their planned three-day strike.

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