Press Release: Pulis – 45% Pay Hike For King Charles Grotesque Amid Hardship Crisis

People Before Profit Waterside representative Davina Pulis has claimed that working class communities will be stunned by the British government’s plan to give King Charles a massive pay rise. 

King Charles III is to receive a huge pay rise from taxpayers, according to government plans to boost public funding of the monarchy by 45% from 2025.

Pulis described the announcement as ‘grotesque’. 

“At a time when so many families in the Waterside are struggling, it’s simply grotesque for the King to have his ‘sovereign grant’ increased by the government from £86 million to £125 million. 

“We are told there is no money to maintain holiday hunger payments for children. There’s no money for hospitals or schools. 

“Public service workers are being told to accept massive pay cuts. 

“Where is the 45% raise for our NHS heroes? 

“We can’t afford Charles. We can’t afford the monarchy. Shamefully, however, unionist and nationalist party leaders raced to London only months ago to pour legitimacy on the gold coach coronation spectacle. 

“The British ruling class simply cannot hide their contempt for working class people. The King is one of the most wealthy individuals in the world. Instead of giving him a raise we should be making him pay the vast sums of inheritance tax he avoided.”