Plans Condemned To Cut Pup Payment For Nearly 150,000


People Before Profit TD condemns plan to cut PUP payment for nearly 150,000, mostly part time, workers as “misguided austerity”

Failure to address anomalies in payment for workers in the gig economy, over 66s and workers under 18 – totally unfair

In a statement this morning after a briefing from the Department of Social Welfare, where it  was confirmed that 25% of the 532,000 recipients of the €350 PUP payment would have their payment cut to €203 from the 29th of June , Richard Boyd Barrett TD said that these plans would see nearly 150,000, mostly part-time workers, having their incomes cut – a move which he described as “misguided austerity”.

Deputy Boyd Barrett also slammed the failure of the department to address the previous anomalies in the payment that saw those working in the gig economy, over 66s and workers under 18 as “grossly unfair”.

On June 29th the government plans to remove up to 150,000 workers from the payment.  Those who were earning less than €200 prior to the onset of the pandemic will have their income reduced to €203.  

Richard Boyd Barrett TD said:  “It is utterly misguided for the government to introduce this austerity measure which will see nearly 150,000 workers have their incomes cut by €147.00 per week.  The vast majority of these workers will have been part-time and will be disproportionately women and young people.  This is not only unjust but is also the worst possible economic strategy.  Given the massive slow-down in the economy we need stimulus not austerity.  Has the government learnt nothing from the failed austerity policies of the crash that saw a recession become a protracted depression? This plan will retard efforts to restore the economy.

Deputy Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit TD for Dún Laoghaire added: “Since the start of this payment I have been calling for all those working in the gig economy, those over 66 and workers under 18 to also be entitled to the €350 per week.  It is grossly unfair that the government did not use the opportunity of these latest changes to address these anomalies.

“We will be calling for the payment to remain in place for the duration of the pandemic and for all the unfair anomalies to be addressed as a matter of urgency.”