People Before Profit Wins Vote On Fossil Fuels

Despite huge opposition from Fine Gael, a People Before Profit Bill on fossil fuels has won majority support in Dail Eireann.

It would make Ireland only the fourth country worldwide to try to ban the exploration for new sources of fossil fuels.

This is the first step in taking on the giant corporations that profit from our continued dependence on fossil fuels.

The Petroleum and Other Minerals Development Bill (Climate Emergency Measures) 2017 would stop the Government from issuing any new licences for the exploration and extraction of fossil fuels anywhere within the State.

It will put into law a rule that would stop companies exploring for new sources of fossil fuels while global atmospheric CO2 levels are above 350 parts per million (ppm).

The current level is over 400 ppm and is driving catastrophic climate change with increased numbers of record breaking heatwaves, more intense storms and droughts and flooding globally. This level of atmospheric CO2 has never been seen in human history.

Scientists believe that 80% of already proved reserves of fossil fuels such as oil and gas must remain in the ground if humanity is to limit temperature rises to under 2 degrees Celsius.

Even a two degree rise would be catastrophic for much of the planet, its people and other species.
This is a first step to stopping the insane system that allows companies to continue exploring for new sources of hydrocarbons.

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