People Before Profit Welcomes Recommendation To Shorten Public Servants Working Week

Calls on public servants to lodge pay claims due to rising cost of living and inflation

People Before Profit TD, and spokesperson on employment, Paul Murphy TD, has welcomed a recommendation by the Independent Body Examining Additional Working Hours to reduce the extra hours for public servants which were brought about under the Haddington Road Agreement.

The TD said that it was welcome that these austerity measures were being eroded.

However, he said that public servants should lodge pay claims due to the rising cost of living and inflation which are seeing staggering increases in households’ monthly bills.

He said: “Whilst it is good news that the austerity hours from the Haddington Road Agreement are being recommended to be discontinued, what is clear is that workers in this country are at the pin of their collars in regard to the cost of living.

“Inflation in Ireland, as of November, is running at 5.3%, which is its highest level since 2001. Public sector workers need to band together and put in pay claims in order to cope with these extraordinary increases in inflation.

“People Before Profit are encouraging workers to call special union meetings to demand an increase in wages that matches the level of inflation.”