People Before Profit To Move Neutrality Bill Today At First Stage In Dáil

Bill seeks to put military neutrality firmly in constitution

Today, People Before Profit will move the Thirty Ninth Amendment of the Constitution (NEUTRALITY) BILL 2022 at first stage. The Bill will be debated at second stage next week during the PBP-Sol Private Members Time. 

The Bill, the Thirty Ninth Amendment of the Constitution (NEUTRALITY) BILL 2022, seeks to explicitly insert Irish military neutrality into the constitution. This would ensure that Ireland constitutionally could not participate in any military conflict.

Paul Murphy TD will say: “It has been clear for a number of months now that the government is trying to erode Irish Neutrality. We can see from statements made by Minister Simon Coveney that the government has been involved in shaping the EU Strategic Compass and has designs on Ireland participating in the mooted rapid reaction force. 

“If Ireland had been involved in these kinds of structures in the past it would have meant that we would have participated in the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and others.

“It is essential that all parties vote in favour of our Bill next week so that we can protect Irish military neutrality and shackle this government and future governments from participating in military adventures and the prospect of a European army.”

Richard Boyd Barrett TD commented: “Irish neutrality is very important to people in this country. Many surveys show that Irish people wish for Ireland to remain neutral militarily. 

“It is extremely concerning to see the government and the Minister for Foreign affairs going to Brussels and other places and attempting to bring Ireland closer to the idea of a EU army and NATO. 

“There is no question that Ireland stands against the repugnant and despotic actions of Putin and the Russian regime in Ukraine. But military neutrality is important because it means that Ireland should stand up and oppose all forms of imperialism, empire and war, regardless for who instigates it.”