People Before Profit To Launch Employment Permit Bill Tomorrow In Dáil

People Before Profit to launch Employment Permit (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill tomorrow in Dáil

Media conference 10.30am Dáil plinth tomorrow

Tomorrow (01 April) at 10.30am on the Dáil plinth People Before Profit will launch their Employment Permit (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill at a media conference.

They will also move the bill in the Dáil tomorrow after Promised Legislation.

The Bill aims to provide an employer paid sick scheme for workers employed on general employment permits in the meat processing, dairy and horticulture sectors.

Additionally, it addresses a number of other issues related to foreign nationals working in the state under general employment permits. These include granting greater rights in certain situations to change employer within the first year here, providing for the right to access the Workplace Relations Commission in some circumstances where the person involved may not have a valid work permit, and ensuring awards granted to persons without a valid permit are recoverable in the event of a insolvency and to provide for related matters.

Paul Murphy TD and Bríd Smith TD will be in attendance.

Note: Due to the Covid Protocol in the Oireachtas members of the press who wish to attend, who are not based in Leinster House and do not have an Oireachtas pass, must provide their name and organisation to the Ushers office beforehand, confirm that they have completed the Visitor Declaration form Pre-Return to Workplace/Visitor Form  and forwarded it to [email protected] before they arrive at Kildare Street Gate.

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