People Before Profit- Solidarity Outline Priority Issues For Upcoming Dáil Term At Think In

Housing, Climate, and Workers’ rights, pay and conditions to be priority issues

At the groups Think In ahead of the upcoming Dáil term, People Before Profit- Solidarity outlined the issues that they would be prioritising ahead of the resumption of the Oireachtas next week.

The group, which consists of TDs Richard Boyd Barrett, Bríd Smith, Gino Kenny, Paul Murphy and Mick Barry, outlined that housing, climate action and a just transition; and Workers’ rights, pay, conditions & quality of life, including a payback for frontline workers for their heroic work during the pandemic, would be the main issues they would be campaigning on this Dáil term.

The group were briefed by the Irish Homeless and Housing Coalition, climate experts and Dublin Bus Workers.

Speaking following the groups Think In, which was held in Dublin, Richard Boyd Barrett TD of People Before Profit said:

“People Before Profit- Solidarity have been the leading group calling out successive governments consistently over their failed housing policies that have led to a disaster in the provision of housing, the affordability crisis, shockingly high rents and homelessness. We will continue our fight, inside and outside the Dáil, for a radical shift in housing policy, which once again was seriously lacking in the governments Housing for All plan.  We will also continue to agitate on the issues of climate action and the just transition; workers’ rights and crucially giving frontline workers a reward for their heroic work during the pandemic.”

Mick Barry TD of Solidarity said:

“I look forward to being back in Leinster House as opposed to that big cave over there beside the Liffey. The big cave suited the Government because it drained the place of atmosphere. Sometimes you could barely see the Minister you were questioning – let alone look them in the eye. I look forward to looking Simon Coveney in the eye next Wednesday night. I look forward to looking his colleagues in the eye as we press them on the housing crisis, workers’ rights and climate justice. There’ll be no big cave and no hiding place for the Government in this Dáil session.”

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