People Before Profit Contests Westminster Election

People Before Profit are running three candidates in the forthcoming Westminster election on Thursday July 4th.

They are Shaun Harkin in Foyle; Gerry Carrol MLA in West Belfast and Fiona Ferguson in North Belfast.

The election was called because the Tories were in meltdown and Sunak thought, like Macron, that he could turn it around with a snap election. It looks like backfiring.

However, a Labour Party led by Keir Stamer will not make much difference as he will continue with most Tory policies.

People Before Profit are determined to make Palestine a key issue. Throughout the North, there have been huge protests in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Yet everyone knows that Israel could not continue its genocide without the support of the US and Britain.

Almost every party in the North says that it opposes Tory austerity. But when they sit on the Stormont Executive these parties decide to implement the cuts that the Tories have crafted.

Gerry Carroll, MLA says ‘I am standing in this election because another West Belfast is possible. That was our message today. A West Belfast where rents aren’t soaring.  A West Belfast where housing is actually being built.  A West Belfast where people aren’t spending months on waiting lists and struggling to see their dentist’.

Shaun Harkin says ‘this election is an opportunity to oust the Tories after 14 years of misrule, corruption and disaster capitalism benefiting billionaires and powerful corporations. It’s also an opportunity to challenge Stormont establishment parties who waved through one Tory policy after another leaving our health service in crisis, our schools critically underfunded, nearly 50,000 families trapped on the housing waiting list and 25% of children in Foyle living in poverty.  If elected, I will take my seat to fight the injustices flowing from Westminster and Stormont’.

Fiona Ferguson says ‘If you can’t acknowledge that Israel is a depraved state, intent on the mass slaughter of millions then you are lying. Israel’s apartheid & genocidal massacres cannot be justified. It must be dismantled in favour of a state for all, rooted in peace and equality. Free Palestine.’