Pensioners struggle to meet supermarkets’ minimum online spend to avail of delivery service


Gino Kenny TD urges leading supermarkets to lower the limit
People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny has written to several large supermarket chains in a bid to get them to lower the minimum online spend to qualify pensioners for home delivery. Older and more vulnerable people have generally heeded Government and HSE advice to stay at home during the Covid-19 crisis. However, pensioners on limited incomes have reported that they are finding it difficult to afford the minimum online spending requirement to avail of the stores’ home delivery service. Those living alone find it especially hard.

Deputy Kenny said: “I have written to Tesco and Supervalue to urge them to lower the minimum online spend to €30 for the duration of the crisis. Tesco require a minimum spend of €60, while Supervalu’s is set at €75. Pensioners have contacted me to say that they are eager to comply with the Government’s advice to “cocoon” at home but some have to venture out to get their shopping because the online shopping minimum spend is too high for them.

“While I acknowledge the vital role that supermarket workers play in ensuring that shelves are stocked with the food we need while playing their part in rolling out social distancing protocol, I would urge management to go a step further. Support keeping elderly people safe at home by lowering the minimum online spend requirement to €30 to qualify for home delivery during this difficult period. I know it would help many older people who are frightened out of their wits every time they have to step outside of their homes to get their shopping. It would also help to minimise the potential spread of the virus among this particular cohort.