No Surprise Invest Ni Shafted Derry

People Before Profit Cllr Shaun Harkin said,

“Is anyone surprised Invest NI shafted Derry and the North West? I doubt it. 
Sinn Féin and the SDLP fight over who discovered Invest NI’s regional neglect. They should have fought a lot harder for Derry in Stormont over the last two decades and maybe our poverty and deprivation statistics wouldn’t be as shocking. Maybe there would be less children and families living in absolute poverty. 
Sinn Féin and the SDLP didn’t fight for Derry when it mattered. They rolled over and we’re paying for it. They brought in Tory policies and encouraged employers to pay poverty wages. No amount of fake outrage can paper over this.
The big parties of unionism and nationalism have failed all communities across Derry and the North West. For fundamental change we need a different form of politics focused on people power mobilisation and forging unity amongst all those with the most to gain. That’s what we in People Before Profit will be focusing on.”

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