Minister For Infrastructure Must Do More To Support Learner Drivers And Test Centre Workers In Derry

Minister for Infrastructure must do more to support learner drivers and test centre workers in Derry

People Before Profit Cllr Maeve O’Neill said,
“People Before Profit have been contacted by concerned learner drivers about the backlog of available driving test slots in the Derry area.
“Many of the learner drivers had previously scheduled tests cancelled due to Covid restrictions. The backlog due to driving test centre understaffing means those needing to rebook a test can’t do so before their theory test certificate expires.”
“One learner driver informed us that the next available test slot was December 2021 – by which time their theory certificate will have expired.”
Cllr O’Neill added, “People  Before Profit is calling on the Minister for Infrastructure to extend the expiration of theory test certificates and make more resources available to the driving centre in the Derry area to alleviate this situation. 
“Those preparing to sit their driving test should not be expected to pay again for a theory test through no fault of their own. Staff at the centres must be properly supported and assisted in addressing the backlog.”
“The current advice from the department for Derry learner drivers to take their test elsewhere is wholly inadequate and indicates this is a problem unique to the Derry area. The minister must do more to support learner drivers and workers in Derry. The current situation is unacceptable.”

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