Meltdown At Iceland: Occupations Multiply

The Coolock Iceland Occupation started again today. The workers are back and are the Coolock Iceland Shop today, Wednesday 28 June.

Workers in Coolock had wrapped up the Occupation at Coolock on 21 June on promises from the examiner after a 12 hour occupation last week.
The examiners gave promises to pay the Coolock Iceland workers what they were due on Friday. But workers can show the payments only partially met what they were owed for them there when pay came in on Friday 23 June.


On Monday 26 June Dublin’s Talbot Street Iceland – also shuttered since the 21st- took the example of occupying their workplace from Coolock Iceland workers. But by then, the workers had understood that leaving before workers demands are met does NOT work in a closure like this. It could potentially lead to a Debenhams style picket on a shuttered property. Occupying the property is a civil matter and it gets results if you stay in. So Talbot Street stayed overnight from Monday night to Tuesday and again last night Tuesday 27-Wednesday 28th.


This evening the Independent Workers Union the will hold a public rally at 7 pm. (See details below 7pm Iceland Shop, Talbot Street, Dublin 1. Tonight Wed. 28 June 2023)

Coolock workers will join them at the rally, while some will continue the Coolock Iceland Occupation.

The workers grievances must be sorted out first. Workers incomes must be number one. Well done to these workers who are standing up for themselves and with each other against the bosses and the laws that say workers must wait on the WRC. It’s not good enough or practical for workers who depend on pay while landlords and other business owners (with multiple income streams!) have laws looking after them. Government should pass the Debenhams bill now. People should show their support.


  1. You can visit either site today You can help publicise the occupations and make statements of support online.
  2. You can get your union branch, club, workplace or family to send a card or statement of support to the shops or via [email protected]
  3. You can donate to the hardship fund for The Independent Workers Union.
  4. You can get active in (or start!) a workplace union drive at your job to get more working people organised. Call PBP Trade Union Department 0833902063 for advice
  5. If you work in Iceland in Ireland join the IWU now.

Well done to the Iceland Workers who take their pay and their co-workers seriously. Well done to the Independent Workers Union. Support their rally tonight and the occupations today like our TDs did yesterday 27 June. See and share their interview with Talbot St workers on Instagram here or Facebook here.

Supporter Jason holds a sign in front of the Talbot Street Iceland in Dublin.
21 June 2023 Bernard Mulvany Dublin Bay North People Before Profit Representative supporting the first occupation in Coolock Iceland.
Iceland Coolock staff occupying their shuttered shop for missing pay 21 June 2023
TDs Paul Murphy, Bríd Smith, and Richard Boyd Barrett in the occupation with Donna in Iceland Talbot street and IWU officials yesterday Wednesday 27 June 2023. See interview here:
Support the rally at 7 tonight.