Measures On Covid 19 Must Also Include Mortgage, Rent And Utility Bill Amnesty

People Before Profit say new government measures on Covid 19 must also include mortgage, rent and utility bill amnesty for those who loose income or employment as a result of the crisis

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, reacting to the government announcement of new measures to respond to the Covid 19 crisis, said:

“I am glad the government recognised the points we made to them in the Dáil last week that the €203 payment was totally inadequate and that significantly increased income supports are necessary for everyone who loose income or employment or who must stay at home as a result of the Covid 19 crisis.

“It is also positive that they have responded to our call for more non-essential closures and taking private healthcare capacity under public control. However, the new measures must include a mortgage, rent and utility bill holiday for all those who loose employment or income as a result of these absolutely necessary public health measures. Because even with the enhanced income supports and payments proposed hundreds of thousands will see significant reductions in income and will be unable to pay already demanding and often extortionate rents, mortgage repayments and utility bills.

“The last thing that people need, who are abiding by public health advise and having to stay at home, is to have financial pressure and worries of rent, mortgage and utility bills.

“We will be putting amendments to the legislation to this affect.”

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