Friday, July 17, 2020

Marxism 2019 is Ireland’s largest socialist conference. It is where we discuss the theory to understand the problems in our world, and the ideas we need to change it. Join incredible activists and writers from across Ireland, and around the world as we discuss how we create a new and better world.


November 22nd to 24th 2019


The Alex Hotel
41-47 Fenian Street
D02 H678 Dublin


Climate chaos is upon us, and the future of our planet is in peril. The crazy pursuit of profit, and a destructive addiction to fossil fuels, have combined to create a spiral of environmental degradation that cannot go on indefinitely.

We live in very dangerous times. But we also live in an era of great hope. Millions around the world are rebelling: students striking for the first time, XR protestors calling a halt to 'business as usual' politics, and workers demanding a real and just transition.

For many generations it was easier to imagine the end of the world, than it was to imagine the end of capitalism. Those days are over. "System Change, Not Climate Change," as the new movements defiantly cry.

Marxism 2019 is Ireland’s largest socialist conference. It is where we discuss the theory to understand the problems in our world, and the ideas we need to change it. Join us for a weekend of debate and discussion.

Key Speakers

Rossana Rodriguez

Rossana Rodriguez was one of six socialists elected to the Chicago City Council this year. Rossana is a member of the DSA and has been a leader in the fights for rent control and immigrant rights in Chicago.

Lucy Diavolo

Lucy Diavolo is a writer and political editor at Teen Vogue. Lucy writes about a whole range of left wing issues for the online magazine and will be joining us to talk about the growing interest in socialism among young people today.

Eamonn McCann

Key figure in the 1968 Civil Rights Movement, member of the Derry Trades Council, renowned journalist and author, and a People Before Profit councillor in Derry.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD

A socialist TD for People Before Profit, renowned for his role in challenging establishment politics in Ireland. He has a lengthy record of campaigning locally and nationally and was a key organiser in the Right2Water and Save Our Seafront Campaigns.

Extinction Rebellion Activist

We will be joined by an activist from Extinction Rebellion. XR are an organisation of climate activists who have declared a rebellion against the system currently hurtling towards climate breakdown, bringing huge crowds onto the streets across the globe.

Fiona Ferguson

Fiona Ferguson is a socialist activist and is on the editorial board for She is a People Before Profit councillor for North Belfast.

Donna Murch

A Professor of History at Rutgers University, Donna specialises in mass incarceration/war on drugs, Black Power and Civil Rights. Author of award-winning Living for the City: Migration, Education and the Rise of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, CA.

Gerry Carroll MLA

One of the first socialists elected to Stormont when he historically topped the poll in West Belfast in 2016 for People Before Profit. Since then he has been a key campaigner against the far-right, and spearheaded campaigns to save schools and mental health services from closure.

Bríd Smith TD

A socialist TD for People Before Profit who was a key voice in the Repeal campaign and the fight for abortion rights. She has played an important role in the fight against climate chaos with her Climate Emergency Measures Bill, which aimed at keeping fossil fuels in the ground.

Cian Parry

Cian Parry is a key organiser of the Schools' Climate Action Network (SCAN) who recently brought tens of thousands of school students onto the streets of Dublin as part of a Global Climate Strike.

Paul Murphy TD

A socialist TD in Tallaght, Paul has been a fixture of anti-austerity campaigns both locally and nationally. His commitment to fighting injustice is well known, most famously from his participation in the Water Charges campaign and subsequent Jobstown Not Guilty trial.

Kieran Allen

A Senior Lecturer in Sociology at University College Dublin, Kieran has written a number of books, including 1916: Ireland’s Revolutionary Tradition, Marx and the Alternative to Capitalism, and Austerity Ireland: The Failure of Irish Capitalism.

Vera Twomey

Vera Twomey is a tireless campaigner for the right for her daughter to have access to medicinal cannabis. She made headlines in her campaign to raise awareness of the need and is the author of the book For Ava.

Fatin Al Tamimi

Fatin is the chairperson on the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign. The IPSC has built support around Ireland for the political, civil and human rights of all Palestinians.

Memet Uludag

Chairperson of United Against Racism, Memet is a longstnding anti-racist activist and trade unionist. He has been a key figure in building resistance to Direct Provision, institutional racism and the forces of the far-right.


Friday 22nd November

16:00 - 17:15

Marxism & Women’s Liberation
Marnie Holborow

The Crisis of Unionism
Somhairle Mag Uidhir

Direct Provision & Institutional Racism
Joe Loughnane

18:00 - 19:15

The Writings on the Wall (Poster exhibition & talk)
Eamonn McCann & others

The Roots of Travellers Oppression
Peader O’Grady, Thomas McCann

Alexandra Kollontai: Socialist Rebel
Madeleine Johansson



Imagining a World Without Capitalism

Lucy Diavolo, Rossana Rodriguez, Fiona Ferguson, Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Saturday 23rd November


Revolutionary Struggle Today
Khalid Mirghani, Rossana Rodriguez, Eoghan Ó’Ceannabháin

The Politics of a Border Poll
Seán Mitchell

Rosa Luxemburg: 100 Years On
Adrienne Wallace

1919: Was Ireland on the Verge of a Socialist Revolution?
Fearghal Mac Bhloscaidh

After the Beef Plan Movement: The Future of Farming
Steph Hanlon



System Change Not Climate Change

Cian Parry, Maeve O’Neill, Bríd Smith, Extinction Rebellion Speaker


Trade Unionism Today
Niall McCarroll, Eddie Conlon, Jo Tully

Hope Beyond Trump
Rossana Rodriguez, Lucy Diavolo, Becca Bor

A Just Transition: An Ecosocialist Manifesto
Brian O’Boyle

Brexit, the Border & the Breakup of the British State
Gerry Carroll MLA

Medicinal Cannabis: The Politics of Medicine
Gino Kenny TD, Vera Twomey & others


Debate: How Do We Stop Climate Chaos?
Bríd Smith TD, Eamon Ryan TD

Women & A United Ireland
Goretti Horgan

Is Science Neutral?
John Parrington

Organise! The Case for a Revolutionary Party
Barney Doherty

Sean O’Casey & Working Class Theatre
Paul O’Brien



Bring the Borders & the Walls Down!

Ivanka Antova, Memet Uludag, Asad Abu Sharkh, Donna Murch

Sunday 24th November

10:30 - 11:45

Black Power & the Rise of the Black Panther Party
Donna Murch

Disability & The Struggle For Socialism
Aisling Kenny, Bernard Mulvaney

Brazil & Bolsonaro
Juliana Sassi & Brian Kelly

Was the Russian Revolution a Workers Revolution?
James O’Toole

12:00 - 13:15


Debate: Strategy for a United Ireland

People Before Profit & Sinn Féin


The Road Ahead for the Radical Left
Kieran Allen, Paul Murphy TD

Biodiversity, Conservation & Capitalism
Owen McCormack

Anti-Zionism, Anti-Semitism, & Palestinian Solidarity
Fatin Al Tamimi, Becca Bor

Beyond Binaries: Trans Rights Today

Why Oscar Wilde Was a Socialist
Eamonn McCann


Communist Manifesto: History’s Most Important Document?
Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Keep it in the Ground: Fossil Fuel & Capitalism
Michael Collins, Aideen O’Doherty & others

Dublin: The Zombie Capital
Conor Reddy, Melisa Halpin

How do we Smash the Far Right?
Memet Uludag

Socialism or Barbarism: Rosa’s Warning Today
John Molyneux



A World to Win