Kwarteng Gone, Truss Should Be Next!

“People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll has called for the Tory mini budget to be binned following the Chancellor’s resignation.

He said the Prime Minister should resign from office and take her disastrous tax proposals with her.

“This is a government of and for the rich and they should be given the boot once and for all,” he stated.

“They have tanked the economy in a reckless bid to give handouts to a wealthy minority. The Prime Minister has sacked the Chancellor for pursuing the disastrous economic policies that she herself designed.

“Government U-turns and resignations have only come due to pressure from those they plan to impoverish. If the Prime Minister refuses to resign then she should be driven from office.

“This government’s disastrous tax proposals are a further kick in the teeth for those who have suffered Tory austerity, their gutting of public services, growing inequality and destitution. Enough is enough.”